Allegations about Werner Erhard are false on 60 Minutes


CBS acknowledged its 1991 60 Minutes program about Werner Erhard accusing him of several crimes was inaccurate and CBS news repudiated its reporting by removing the video and transcript from public access.

Suzanne Snider reported, “The ‘60 Minutes’ segment was filled with so many factual discrepancies that the transcript was made unavailable with this disclaimer: ‘This segment has been deleted at the request of CBS News for legal or copyright reasons.’” [The Believer, Vol. 1, No. 2, May 2003, p.27]

Investigative journalists, including ABC News 13 August 2002, Time Magazine 24 June 2001, The Times (London) 15 July 2000, and The Boston Globe 3 March 1999, exposed the allegations aired on the 60 Minutes program as false.

The only way the original false accusations are available is by typing Werner Erhard in a search on the internet.